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If you do, Patty-Cakes® would like to consider trading links with you. Links on both our websites would be a wonderful  resource for our respective customers to find other quality vendors, child services and keepsake providers. If you would like to be considered as a link partner, please review the information below.

We require that our link be placed prior to your request for submission and we do not exchange links with adult material sites, sites that feature unrelated products or link farms; once our link is verified on your site, your link to our site will be approved and activated within 48 hours. We will send you an email confirming the link approval.

Once our link has been added to your site, please contact me directly at and let me know where I can find the link to Patty-Cakes® and the link info for your site.

To place our link on your site, please use the following information:

Title: Patty-Cakes® - Quality Bronzed Keepsakes of your Child's Hands and Feet
Description: Patty-Cakes® have been a family favorite since 1946! Unique, one of a kind keepsakes of your child's hand and feet captured forever in unbreakable bronze.  Patty-Cakes® are precious today...priceless tomorrow!

You may also copy and resize this logo if you would like a visual link as well:

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!